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In this article, I am going to teach “How to register CAN Number on the TNeGA website also known as the Tnesevai website”. CAN Number Registration is very easy. Let’s move on to the article.

What is CAN Number in Tnesevai?

CAN Number is a one-time registration unique number to store all your personal details for future usage. CAN Number eliminates the mistakes while applying for certificates on the Tnesevai website.

Without a CAN number, you couldn’t able to apply any certificates on the Tnesevai website so CAN number registration is compulsory.

how to register can number in tnesevai

How to Register CAN Number in Tnesevai – CAN Number Registration

To register CAN Number, you have to create an account on the Tnesevai website first. Once done, log in to the TNeGA website and click the “Revenue Department” on the homepage. The homepage will look like the below image.

tnesevai homepage

You can find a list of certificates available under the Revenue Department. You can choose any one of them. For example, I have chosen “Income Certificate“.

tnesevai income certificate

You will be redirected to the instructions page where you have to click the “Proceed” button. You don’t need to read out the instructions because we are doing this only for CAN Number registration. If you are applying for the certificate then must read out the instructions.

apply income certificate online instructions

The website will redirect you to the CAN number registration page. Register CAN Number by clicking the “Register CAN” button.

register can number in tnesevai

You have to fill up your personal details such as,

  • Aadhaar Number
  • Applicant Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Relationship
  • Marital Status
  • Father/Husband Name
  • Mother Name
  • Religion
  • Community
  • Education Qualification
  • Occupation
  • Current Address
  • Permanent Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Id
  • Bank Details
can number registration form
register can number form

After filling up all the details make sure everything is correct especially Aadhar Number, Mobile Number, and Email Id. If everything is correct click the “Generate OTP” button. You will receive an One Time Password on your registered mobile number.

Input the OTP and verify. That’s it, you have successfully finished the CAN Number Registration process.

Frequently Asked Questions – CAN Number Registration

What is CAN Number in Tnesevai?

CAN Number is a unique number used to store your personal details on the Tnesevai website.

How to make correction in CAN Number?

Please note that you couldn’t able to change the Aadhaar Number. If you did a mistake in any other field then you can make corrections using the “Edit CAN Detail” button.

Can I register more than one CAN number?

No, you are not allowed to create more than one CAN number. To correct mistakes in the CAN Number, you can use the “Edit CAN Detail” feature.

How to get CAN number?

You have to register for the CAN number. Create an account on the Tnesevai website and login to the website. After that, choose any one of the certificates you will be asked to do CAN number registration.

Final Words

I hope this article helps you to register CAN Number in Tnesevai website. If you have any queries regarding CAN Number Registration please let me know via comments. I am happy to help you. Share this article with your friends and family via social networks.

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